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Updating garmin 430 gps

I suggest you take a look at the Garmin official discussion forum for additional information: https://forums.garmin.com/forum/developers/connect-iq/connect-iq-bug-reports/1271079-device-crash-err_log-txt-fenix-3-hr-sw-ver-430-450 Con esta aplicación no necesito llevar el teléfono al gimnasio, ni papel, ni absolutamente nada.

Puedes modificar la rutina, aplicar distintos tiempos de descanso, ejercicios etc.

It would be great if we could see the workout details directly on Garmin Connect.

2) not being able to shorten a rest period by pressing the lap button.

There could be a 15 second window in which time you could interact with it or it would then automatically save the planned reps and weight.

I would prefer to be able do this directly in the watch app.

It seems there is a problem in Garmin's latest firmware update for Fenix HR. Take a look at: https://forums.garmin.com/forum/developers/connect-iq/connect-iq-bug-reports/1271079-device-crash-err_log-txt-fenix-3-hr-sw-ver-430-450 Hi Krischan78, thousands of users are running the app, and our help desk did not receive any complaint. Please use the website contact form to contact us and provide more details about the issue you are experiencing. For example, let's pretend that I have programmed a deadlift set of 3x12 with 150kg but doing the first set with prescribed weight I'm feeling particularly vigorous and find it too easy so decide to do the two remaining sets with 170kg.

I'd like there to be a prompt after every set in which it would suggest the planned reps and weight which you could then either accept or alter to what was actually done.

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There is a problem with the latest firmware Garmin released for fenix 3 and fenix HR.

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